Tilman Self & Associates - Appraisal Service in Middle Georgia
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Tilman Self & Associates - Appraisal Service in Middle Georgia
About Our Services
Tilman Self & Associates, servicing the Middle Georgia Area is a full service residential real estate appraisal company. Our professionally trained staff of certified appraisers has the knowledge and experience to handle your most demanding appraisal needs. At Tilman Self & Associates we pride ourselves on our reputation of reliable, timely, and professional reports...

Timeliness: Inspections are scheduled as quickly as possible, depending upon availability and schedule of the applicant. Appraisals are researched, written, e-mailed, (mailed upon request) to the home owner/applicant with every effort made toward the speediest possible turnaround time.

Communication: In the event that any unforseen problems arise, , the staff of Tilman Self & Associates will convey the particulars to the client or applicant. This includes any deviation from the normal schedule. Clients are additionally assured of quick responses regarding addenda, corrections, additional information and/or any follow up.

Accuracy: Tilman Self & Associates ensure their clients that appraisals are researched using a network of services including local public records, MLS services and area brokers, among others. All information is carefully verified using personal evaluation and inspection. Documents are prepared with emphasis on content, precision and clarity.

Processing: Our equipment and appraisal software help keep "paperwork" to a minimum. We utilize digital mapping, flood, census, photos, and signatures in order to process each appraisal quickly.

The Delivery: For fast delivery, we use e-mail as well as Electronic Data Transmission(EDI) equipment and software. We can also ship via Fed Ex or Airborne Express upon request. (Call us for more details.) All options lead to the same result--fast, efficient service.

The Conclusion: The associates of Tilman Self remain steadfast in their beliefs that there are no unimportant details regarding any aspect of their relationships with homeowners, applicants, or clients. They take special pride in maintaining excellence in the caliber of the services they offer.


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Buyers and Sellers
would you like to know...

Today, many people are selling their homes without the aid of a broker. One of the most important issues involved with this process is to determine an asking price.

When we do this type of appraisal, we include a few other things beside the actual appraisal. We research your market area and give an estimate of what your home should sell for, how much to ask for your home, typical marketing time in your area, and typical closing costs for the area.

Furthermore, if your purchaser is obtaining a loan, your purchaser will need to have an appraisal performed on the property. Because, we have already done most of the work on the first appraisal, we can perform this second appraisal at a sizable discount. You, as the seller, could very well subtract that discount from any closing costs you would be paying.

Tilman Self & Associates - Appraisal Service in Middle Georgia

Tilman Self & Associates - Appraisal Service in Middle Georgia
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